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Let Us Introduce You to the tARV

The thermoAcoustic Range Verifier (tARV) system is a research tool that provides a non-invasive, non-ionizing means of acquiring signals that can be analyzed for accurate and precise localization of the Bragg peak relative to anatomical structures. This wireless device may have the potential to assist in adaptive planning decisions and be integrated with clinical workflow.

2023 : 6-channel wireless DAQ and AML enables easy lateral positioning. (tARV circled in red) 

2024: tARV provides 2 mm range accuracy on ultrasound QA phantom. (tARV circled in red)

Technical Specifications
wdt_ID Spec Thermoacoustic Nuclear
3 Sampling Rate 384 ksps 1.536 Msps
4 Vertical Resolution 1.24 nV 1 mV
5 DAQ Gain 60-65 dB 0 dB
8 Weight 710 g
9 Dimensions 150 mm L x 95 mm W x 110 mm H

Receive chain specifications over 10-100 kHz

wdt_ID Spec Thermoacoustic Nuclear
1 Accuracy 2 mm* N/A
2 Precision 1 mm* N/A
6 tARV Rx sensitivity surrounded by couplant 0.3-2.1 mV/Pa N/A
7 tARV Rx sensitivity coupled only at face 0.1-2.8 mV/Pa N/A

*preliminary results obtained in the SunNuclear054 GS phantom

How it Works

tARV research workflow. Colors indicate added steps that are part of the clinical workflow (red) and performed offline (green).

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